Loaded Drawers of Skeleton Salsa

Episode 34 · July 5th, 2011 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

Wherein those damn Ross kids talk about birthday cake, magic, and virginity.

Suggested Talking Points:

Elephants. A great day to be a duck with an affected accent. Worst Day Ever: Dickshots. Bluetooth Earpieces: A Black Conspiracy? Illinois Prison, Dirty Drawers. Dad brings gun to birthday party. Quiz: Spot the Fake Celebrity Kid Name. There’s No Magic In This Book: How to Deal With Shit. The Half Donut Dilemma. “Dam It, Dummy”. The Body in the Pool. Squeezable Drink Hour. Overboard with my katana. Bad mom abandons kids, saved world. Breast milk attack. New Zealand Man Stops a Christine Situation, Kills Car. Notable Quotables: Michelle Bachmann. My kingdom for a horse, my virginity for an iPhone. Get paid, get dead. Living on a Prayer, Eli Cherry. Neil Young and Hyfy.