Moon Train

Episode 26 · May 10th, 2011 · 54 mins 54 secs

About this Episode

Wherein those damn Ross kids talk about the naked chicken bandit, drunk texting, and physical challenges.

Suggested Talking Points:

New microphones. The show is too long. Happy Meals. Marketing to flash mobs. Hotel mourning Osama bin Laden? The beard vow. Bestiality everywhere. BBWs are wrecking your children’s lives. The naked chicken bandit. Recite Super Troopers. Three frogs in the convertible. Plague. Mother’s day. Kole’s bold new drug policy. Pistol-whip the mommy. Blood alcohol levels. Drunk TXT App and the Physical Challenge. The Home Alone House. The Japanese Kissing Robot. Radiation Talk. Moon the Train. What About Bob? Why are kids so afraid of bees? Secret passageways. 50 year old woman buys her 80 year old father a hooker.